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We wanted to let you know that We are doing great things to spread HIS word in Liberia Aftrica


Things Planned for 2016 Trip

Spreading HIS Word


Visiting the schools
distributing books & supplies

Nurses clinics

Conducting Seminars for Teens 

Meetings with the Church Leaders 

Reading & Sun Glasses

Revivals & Special Services

                       Liberia Trip 2016
Our trip this year will be from Nov. 3rd until Dec. 5th and we will have a team of five.  Our daughter Deb will be with us once again to conduct nurses clinics.
Joining us for the last 2 weeks will be Mike Johnson that went in May of 2015 and his wife Renee.  Once again we will be visiting the schools and churches for teaching and we will have glasses clinics at each ;location and of course activities with the children. If we can ever all get together we will post a picture but we will keep you posted.
We had an ordination in a Jungle church
Had a glasses clinic.
Met some of the orphans
the services at all the churches were unbelievable, many came forward for healing and to rededicate their lives to Christ.Then there were the children
we have established a fund to help with the support of these abandoned children
In Nov. it was just Ken and Paula and it was a very special trip.  We had great services plus some Baptisms also got to know some of our friends much better.