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We wanted to let you know that We are doing great things to spread HIS word in Liberia Aftrica


Things Planned for 2014 Trip

Spreading HIS Word

Help with Construction of new church and school

 Select site for Women's Multipurpose Center​

Reading & Sun Glasses


Start Tuition Aid Program and
 Orphan Support Fund

​Education Is very Important
The children are the hope for the future and we are helping them through education
The micro loan program help women start or improve their businesses
Micro Loan Program
Nurse Deb saw almost 600 people at 5 locations this year
These ladies paid back their loans in 6 months
Water filters
 will make a big difference in many lives
We were able to give packets to 650 children and 17 teachers with supplies and toothbrushes and toothpaste.  200 more than last year. 20 boxes with school books and Bibles, 7 more than last year  All donated by our supporters
                     Nurses Clinics 2013
Liberia Trip 2013
We left  Oct.1 and the blessings started at the airport while during check in we were told our extra bag was already paid for by going and spreading HIS word.  Our God is so good and that very special employee was put in our path, who knows she could have been an angel. All of the boxes were waiting for us and we set up our water filter in the apartment and used it the entire time.  Then we left it with Gladys, the lady that manged the apartments for her family to use and have clean water.  Second blessing.. since we needed 48 buckets we were able to get them wholesale for less than 1/2 the price so we came home with enough left in the water fund to purchase 4 filters already!
God has a sense of humor and keeps surprising us.

​Ken trains Rachael how to care for her filter
 Annie will use the filters in her home.
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