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We wanted to let you know that We are doing great things to spread HIS word in Africa


Things Planned for 2017 Trip

Spreading His Word

of new Bishop

Receiving Existing Bishops

Ordaining Priests and Deacons


Visiting the schools

Meetings with the Church Leaders 

Reading & Sun Glasses

                      Africa Trip 2017
Below are some highlights from the trip in Nov. 2016
Our trip this year will be from October 10 t0 Nov.14.
We will be in Liberia until Oct. 31 then we will go to Zanzibar and Tanzania.  This will be our first time to East Africa and we are very excited about meeting some new friends and establishing relationships there.
In Liberia Ken will consecrate Fr. Zaah  as the Bishop in West Africa and in East Africa Bishop Paul has several Bishop's in evangelical churches that wish to become part of the Lutheran Orthodox church so we will be very busy during our visit there.
We had the first Youth Conference at New Life Church and I think everyone enjoyed it .
Had a glasses clinic.

this house was built by a 13 year old complete with lights and landscaping
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Funds were given to help families in need. Yetta has 8 children and the oldest just had a baby  She makes soap to help support her family
Nurses Clinics are always needed